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Government Of Assam Cooperation

List of Cooperative Societies

  • Overview:

    As on date there are 9455 Nos. of registered Coop: Societies including 2177 Nos. of Gaon Panchayat Samabai Samities (G.P.S.S.), 80 LAMPS and 2341 Nos. of Women Multipurpose Coop: Societies The Coop: Societies have their presence in sectors like Agriculture, Housing, Fishery, Dairy, Processing, Cottage and Small scale Industries, Labour etc. in the State. The Handloom Cooperatives are being governed by the H&T Deptt.

    List of Primary / District Level Cooperative Societies:

    Sl. No.Type of Cooperative SocietiesNos. of Societies
    3.Village Council Multipurpose Coop: Societies196
    4.Wholesale Consumers35
    5.Women Multipurpose2341
    6.Primary Marketing30
    7.Primary Dairy439
    8.Thrift and Credit803
    12.Primary Fishery455
    13.Primary Consumers245
    14.Primary Housing146
    17.District Coop: Union14
    18.Processing Coop:15
    19.Sugar Mill1
    20.Labour and Contract Coop:32
    21.School and College Coop:23
    22.Agro Industry Coop:6
    23.Cooperative Banks8
    24.Others Coop:810
    25.State Level Coop:25
     Total 9455