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Award/Incentive to Cooperative

Guidelines for the scheme for awarding the best performing Cooperative Societies for excellence and cooperative performance:

Name of the Scheme:

This scheme may be called ‘Awards for the best performing Cooperative Societies'.

Aim of the scheme:

The aim of the scheme is to motivate and incentivize the Cooperative Societies operating at different levels for encouraging excellence in business performance focused on employment generation.


The objective of the scheme is to:

a) select three best performing Cooperative Societies every year in an open and transparent manner on the basis of objective criteria in four categories, namely

  • State level
  • District level
  • Sub District level
  • Primary level and

b) award the selected best performing Cooperative Societies with cash prizes in the ceremonial functions held on Republic Days in the State, concerned District and Sub-division.

The amounts of the cash awards shall be determined every year with the approval of the Government in the Cooperation Department and in accordance with the available budget provision for the purpose. The available Budget provision for the current year 2016-17 being Rs 100 lakh, the amount of such cash awards for each of the four categories for 2016-17 hall be as noted below:

  • 1st prize - Rs 12 lakh in each category.
  • 2nd prize - Rs 8.00 lakh in each category.
  • 3rd prize - Rs 5.00 lakh in each category.

Selection Procedure:

(a) Selection Committee shall be constituted for selecting three best performing Cooperative Societies in each of the four categories mentioned above, on the basis of the set objective criteria/Score Card as indicated in Schedules I II & III of these guidelines. The Register of Cooperative Societies (RCS) shall be the Chairman of the Selection Committee and the Joint RCS (HQ) shall be the Member Secretary who shall obtain and maintain all necessary data, records required for the purpose.

(b) The Selection Committee shall invite applications from eligible Cooperative Societies of each category through advertisements in the print and electronic media/website. The applications will be submitted by the eligible Cooperative Societies to the concerned Assistant/District Registrars of Cooperative Societies, who will forward the same to the RCS along with copies of the Audit report for three previous years. On the basis of applications received, the Selection Committee will select the three best performing societies in each of the four categories on the basis of the set criteria and furnish its recommendations.

The selected list of Coop. Societies shall be submitted to the Government. by the RCS, along with proposals for sanction /release of fund latest by 10th December each year. On receipt of the fund, RCS shall make appropriate financial instruments as advised by Finance Department from time to time and shall arrange to distribute the Award in the ceremonial functions at the State/District /Sub–District level.

Zonal Cooperative Societies should be considered in the District level category.
The RCS will arrange for publicity of the new scheme and ensure that all Cooperative Societies are aware of this scheme while calling for the applications. After declaration of the Awards, the RCS will furnish UCs with expenditure statement.

Eligibility for consideration of the Award:

Cooperative Societies shall eligible for the consideration for selection if they fulfill the following conditions:

  • The Cooperative Society should have a duly elected management
  • The Cooperative Society should have conducted its BoD meeting / AGM as per provision of the Assam Coop. Societies Act, 2007.
  • The Cooperative Society should have had regular audit of accounts as per schedule.
  • The Cooperative Society should have earned net profit for at least 3 consecutive years at least before the year of selection.
  • The Cooperative Society should have generated maximum employment, both direct and indirect, for economic welfare and social betterment of its members.

These conditions shall be reviewed every year and changes made as necessary with the approval of the Government in the Cooperation Department.

Selection Committee:

The Selection Committee shall be chaired by the Registrar of Cooperative Societies and shall include the following in addition to any other person as decided by the Government.

  • RCS Assam - Chairman
  • Representatives of CGM, NABARD, Guwahati
  • Director, Institute of Cooperative Management, Govt. of India- Member
  • Representative of NCDC, Guwahati - Members
  • All Zonal Joint Representatives of Cooperative Societies. - Member
  • Joint Registrar, (HO) - Member Secy

Implementing Agency

The Registrar of Cooperative Societies shall be the implementation authority for this scheme. The Government in the Cooperation Department may issue such clarifications as on any issue relating to the scheme as necessary which shall be final.

The Government may revise these guidelines or criteria for selection or the selection committee as required after due consideration.

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